Comments on 60+ activities

The Tai Chi tutor is excellent. Everyone finds it beneficial, feeling more relaxed and happy after each session”
Cathy Coker, Kennington

I recommend Tai Chi. In my seventies I find Tai Chi helps with co-ordination and movement and its enjoyable
Brenda Wheeler, Waterloo

Waterloo Action centre is a great community centre, I enjoy sharing dress making skills on Tuesday and the Happy Bus Pass Outings each Wednesday.
Irma Inniss, Clapham

I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays and to meeting my friends, as I live on my own it is something nice to look forward to.
Ita Want, Waterloo

Before the exercises my muscles were stiff. Exercises are lovely and relaxing and I can touch my toes again
Promela Singh, Streatham Hill

I look forward to coming and meeting with other people. On Tuesdays I enjoy the lunch, on Thursdays I shop and help to prepare it.
Eirwen Edwards, Kennington

I enjoy Gentle Exercise, it’s been very good for my health and I enjoy the company and lunches
Sheila Brittain, Waterloo

Everyone is very friendly and we all keep it going together
Doris Penman, Kennington

The Wednesday Happy Bus Pass Outings are great, visiting new places and socialising
Mildred Hillock, Clapham

I enjoy the Happy Bus Pass outings, going to places you wouldn’t go on your own, meeting new people and it leads to going other places. The value I get from the computer course is that I can now send e-mails to relations abroad.
Josie Bishop, Streatham

The Choir is a joy, it lifts the spirits, makes you feel happy for the day and the day after. Its wonderful. Grace the tutor is excellent. I really enjoy it.
Anne Turner, Streatham.

When I received my first e-mail I really felt part of the 21st Century. Everyone needs to know how to use computers nowadays and WAC provided my break through. The dances and exercise here helped me rely less on my stick and I have been to some great places with the Happy Bus Pass Outings. There is fun and friendship Every where should have a WAC.
Bernadette Johnson, Lambeth Walk.

Other comments

Gentle Exercise(Tues):
"It does me so much good"
"It helped me after my operation and I am still attending when I can"
"It’s physically stimulating"
"Excellent value"
"Lunch is a lovely social occasion for us!"
"It’s lovely to have lunch and meet up with friends"
"I don’t know what I would do or how I would manage without it"
"The friends we make here over lunch, we keep going outside of WAC"
Table Tennis:
"It’s nice to have this especially when it is too cold to go outside and play petanque"

Line Dancing
“Lifts the Spirits”. Ladies of our age need to strengthen legs muscles in order to prevent falls. Includes the importance of lower leg muscles between knee and foot and movement of ankles. This is also a dimension catered for in Tai Chi.”
“Makes your legs feel better, in the week between classes they become stiffer”
“Walking does not do as much for strengthening the bones and muscles as Line Dancing”.
“I find the Line Dancing helps to keep the body and mind active and the companionship is good for the soul”.

Happy Bus Pass
“I enjoy the Wednesday outings very much. I find it hard to motivate myself alone and these outings are educational and enjoyable and a social occasion”  

“This is much better than formal classes where you have to sign up and pay in advance. I miss some of the weeks because of illness (manic depression) and at WAC I can come when I am well enough and “dip” in and out of the classes.  David is so much help! I can even call from home for advice”



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