Terms and Conditions of Hall Hire

  1. Waterloo Action Centre cannot accept responsibility for any claims, costs or charges made in respect of any loss or injury to any person using the premises.
  2. Hall hirers should have their own Public Liability Insurance, and other relevant insurances e.g. Employers Liability, your and or your users’ property or individual’s professional indemnity. 
  3. At no time during the period of hire should any emergency exit be locked or
  4. All persons responsible for hire of premises should ensure that they are aware of the site of fire appliances, emergency exits, fire drill and make aware others attending their class/event etc. If the persons hiring the premises feel unclear on any point, they must seek information from the Facilities Manager or the Caretaker.
  5. No naked flames or candles should be burnt on the premises under any circumstances.
  6. Any breakage or damage to property will be paid for by the user, therefore a refundable deposit of £100.00 in cash (in some cases, a higher amount) will be required for ad hoc users at the time of booking. Any excess resulting from damage will be borne by the user. The deposit will be lost if a booking is cancelled. Deposits are only refundable when halls are used.
  7. No alcohol should be sold without the appropriate licence and no licence should be sought without WAC’s agreement. A copy of the licence must be sent to WAC at least two weeks prior to event.
  8. All music or drumming must be kept to a reasonable level.
  9. The hall is to be left in a tidy condition; tables and chairs are to be cleaned and stacked where found.
  10. All rubbish to be bagged up and taken to the front of the building and placed under the tree in front of the building.
  11. We have a copy of the information about the capacity of the rooms and will not exceed this limit.
  12. It is not the policy of the organisation that tips should be given to any staff rendering services to hall users. However, it is in no sense a requirement. If you wish to make any extra acknowledgement in return for good services, it must be done formally to the organisation as a whole.
  13. A charge will be made additional to hire costs and equivalent to cost for cleaning if the premises are left dirty or untidy. Brooms and mops are provided in the rear hall.
  14. Unless given special exempt status all hall hire must be paid for eight weeks in advance of use or, if the booking is too late for that, then at the time of booking. Special status will only be granted to regular hall hire users who are in good financial standing with WAC. These hall hirers must pay within 30 days after the event.
  15. All cancellations must be made at least eight weeks before the date of meeting, or be charged at the full amount. A maximum of two thirds of booking fee can be refunded only on the ability of WAC to re-book the halls.
  16. Where no payment is received for hall use or where the hall user defaults in payment, WAC may decide to use legal means to recover payment and may decide not to rent out the halls to such persons or groups in future.
  17. The contact person shall be personally responsible for ensuring that the conditions of hire are complied with.
  18. There is a one-off charge of £25 when halls are booked up to and beyond 11pm.
  19. WAC does not provide refreshments, cups and cutlery for events and meetings. However, the following can be provided free of charge, if requested: hot water urn (serving 120 people), flip chart stands (without paper or pens), and Wi-Fi
  20. The Waterloo Action Centre reserves the right to cancel this agreement if these conditions are broken or for any good reasons beyond its control. In the event of a dispute WAC will act as the arbitrator of the dispute. WAC’s complaints procedure must be followed.
  21. All users must adhere to WAC’s Equal Opportunity approach.